Are trademark searches free?

The process of protecting your trademark (brand) begins with carrying out a robust trademark search.

While most people will simply carry out a Google search, this isn’t enough.

It is always recommended to hire a professional in the IP space to carry out an in-depth search.  IP professionals use very specific Trademark searching software to carry out these types of searches. If you must pay extra for an in-depth search, walk away.

A search, done properly, will evaluate the risk of going into the marketplace with your trademark.  Furthermore, an IP professional will be able to analyze the data in the search and provide you with a risk assessment for your trademark and its use and registerability.

It is always recommended to carry out an in-depth search before going into the marketplace.

While getting a “Free” search on a trademark site will give you some insight into whether your trademark is available, these searches are often very initial searches.

Trademark Depot offers an initial Trademark Searches Free that will provide some insight into the availability of your trademark, we will always carry out an in-depth search prior to submitting your trademark application.

You can conduct free trademark research through Trademark Depot to get immediate results and know where you stand.

Why is a Trademark search important for a successful brand strategy?

A Trademark is any symbol or word or combination used by brand owners to distinguish its services or products from its competitors within the marketplace.

Consumers will almost always link products and services that bear a particular trademark with a brand or source.

Therefore, the consumers will believe that all the products and services bearing that specific mark are of similar quality.

That’s not all

Trademarks are a very important part of the branding process because they represent your business and loyalty among customers.

A common rule of thumb states that before you start to use a mark commercially, you should be carrying out research on trademark applications and registered trademarks that exist in your space. Your brand is synonymous with your reputation.  Make sure your reputation is protected, by protecting your brand!

Once the research is completed, you’ll know if it is safe to continue with the mark you had in mind or change your branding strategy.

A trademark is like a unique identifier that lets people know that a particular product or service comes from your brand.

Functions of a Trademark

Trademarks serve the purpose of detecting the origin or source of products and services. Therefore, here are the functions of a trademark.

  • It guarantees quality
  • It represents the product
  • It creates awareness about the product
  • It identifies the origin of the product
  • It helps consumers to visualize the product whenever they see the brand


Getting your trademark registered shouldn’t be a hassle, which is why Trademark Depot (TMD) is here to help you.

Contact the experienced and professionals at Trademark Depot (TMD) for any questions you may have.